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Classic Cars in Colorado:

Colorado is the state of the Rocky Mountains, lying on the western side of the Great Plains. Colorado is the eighth state by area and the 22nd by population; bordering on Wyoming, Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Mew Mexico, Utah and Arizona.

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Vehicles and Classic Cars for Sale in Colorado

Vehicle Museums in Colorado

At this time we know of these antique, vintage or classic car museums in Colorado.
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Boulder County Dougherty Museum: The Boulder County Dougherty Museum is located in Longmont, Colorado, northeast of Boulder, and features antique vehicles powered by steam, electricity and gasoline; many of which are operational.

The Clive Cussler Museum is located in Arvada, Colorado, just northwest of Denver. The exhibit includes over 100 vintage automobiles from all over the world, many of which are memorialized by Dirk Pitt in Cussler's famous books.

Forney Museum of Transportation: The Forney Museum of Transportation is located in Denver, Colorado, and features an eclectic assortment of over 600 artifacts relating to the history of transportation. The collection includes locomotives, fire engines and cable cars among a variety of antique and vintage vehicles.

Gateway Auto Museum: The Gateway Canyon Colorado Automobile Museum is located in Gateway, Colorado, southwest of Grand Junction, in the middle of nowhere! There are over 50 antique, vintage and classic vehicles from the private Hendricks Collection on display at any given time that includes a 1906 Cadillac and the first 2006 Chip Foose Mustang.

Mathews Collection: The Mathews Collection is located in Arvada, Colorado, just north of Denver. It features an eclectic collection of motorcycles and sports cars from the Antique, Vintage and Classic Car Eras that includes Corvettes, McLarens and Cobras. This is a private collection that is only open by arrangement.

Shelby American Collection: The Shelby American Collection is located in Boulder, Colorado, and is all about Carroll Shelby and the famous cars he built.