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1926 Ford Model T Touring Car
1926 Ford Model T

Since eBay revolutionized the ability to auction off most anything online, vehicle auction companies have become more popular both online and in person. The problem of auctioning anything, of course, is the unpredictability of the market and the people who participate in it. There are no guarantees but you can protect yourself by establishing a minimum bid. However as with anything of value, you should not sell an antique, vintage or classic vehicle at auction until you have discussed it with the auction company, a qualified appraiser and/or used car dealer first to assure you know what the process and related fees will be.

The following auction companies specialize in dealing with brass, antique, vintage and classic cars, hot rods, muscle cars, trucks and vans and motorcycles. If you have a concern or comment about a listing please contact our

Auction Companies:": SCA Auction leads the North American insurance auto auction industry, with 165 locations nationwide. They build their inventory of vehicles from a variety of sources, and they work with insurance companies, dealerships, rental car companies, independent sellers and leasing companies. They have expanded their inventory to more than 300,000+ vehicles with over 160 weekly live auctions open to the public. With the latest technology, their website allows members to bid either by pre-bid or live bidding anytime and anywhere. Whether you are looking for a project car, classic, late and early model trucks and cars or even exotics. SCA™ is there with you from registration until your vehicle is delivered to your door.": Barrett-Jackson is one of the more famous antique, vintage and classic car auction houses with offices in Scottsdale, Arizona, Palm Beach, Florida, Reno, Nevada and Las Vegas, Nevada. They have been in business since the early 1960s and their biggest event is the annual Scottsdale classic car auction that will be seen on FOX TV this year. They also host Hot August Nights auction in Reno, Nevada, every year, drawing thousands hot rods and classic car enthusiasts. Barrett-Jackson auctions have become a worldwide stage for families and first-time buyers to lean and enjoy the antique, vintage and classic car industry and as the industry continues to evolve Barrett-Jackson will be there to offer the world's most appealing vehicles for all to enjoy. Japan Auto Auctions offers used Japanese cars for sale at auction. Japan Auto Auctions exports cars from all of Japanese car auctions to anywhere in the world. Their online auction service gives puts you up close to the action and involves you in the process of selecting and bidding on the vehicles you want. Classic car auctions in Japan are unique in the world and can be confusing but Japan Auto Auctions offer their own online auction systems that allow you to bid on the vehicles you want in an easy-to-use manner. They want you to be a part of the process to assure you get what you want. Auction Export is a web portal to the world of North American wholesale auto auctions. Their special technology allows international buyers to search, buy and export any antique, vintage or classic vehicle of their choice. Their logistics department uses both on-land and ocean transportation to deliver your vehicle the auction facility directly to you. Auction Export has over ten years of experience in meeting export needs. Mecum puts on vehicle related auctions all over the country. Whether it be trucks, tractors, antique cars, vintage cars, classic cars or road art you will find it being auctioned by Mecum Auctions. You can be there in person or bid over the Internet. They offer the lowest selling commissions of the major auction houses and will customize their services to meet your needs.