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White Truck History: The White brothers founded The White Motor Company in 1902 and by the 1920s were building large semi trucks. Over the years the White brothers bought several other truck companies, including Sterling, Autocar , Diamond T, and REO. White kept the Autocar name and the Diamond T and REO trucks had their own division until the 1960s. White also teamed up with Freightliner to build trucks. In 1981 White was bought by the Volvo Group who produced trucks under the White, Western Star, and Autocar names. By the 1990s Volvo was building trucks under the Volvo, White GMC, and Autocar names.

The WhiteGMC logo was dropped and Autocar was sold in 1997. Of the over 10,000 White trucks built, about 150 still exist today.



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