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Volvo History: In 1924 Assar Gabrielsson and Gustav Larson, the two founders of AB Volvo, decided to build a Swedish car. In the beginning AB Volvo made ball bearings and "volvo" is a latin word that means "to roll". Volvo introduced many of today's standard safety features, such as padded dashboards, rear-facing child seats and laminated glass. However over the years most other automobile manufacturers adopted the same features and by the 1990s U.S. sales had waned.

The first Volvo car was produced in 1927. In 1998 Volvo sold their automotive division to Ford but agreed to share the name so now "Volvo Trucks" is the Swedish manufacturer of trucks, and one of the largest truck builders in the world, and "Volvo Cars" is part of the Ford Motor Company's Premier Automotive Group. In 2001 Volvo Trucks bought Renault and Mack Trucks. Volvo Trucks also produced White and Autocar trucks in the 1980s. in 2006 Volvo Cars purchased Nissan Motors.



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