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Mack History: In 1893 John Mack and his brother, Augustus, bought the carriage company John worked for and in 1894 William, a third brother, joined the company. The Macks started with steam engine and electric motor cars but turned to trucks and buses in the early 1900s. They moved their factory to Allentown, PA, in 1905 where the fourth brother, Joseph, joined the operation and the company name was changed to the Mack Brothers Motor Truck Company. By 1905 they were making rail cars and locomotives and in 1910 a fifth brother, Charles, came aboard. The following year they merged with the Saurer Motor Truck Company to become the International Motor Truck Company (IMTC). John and Joseph Mack left the company in 1912 and in 1922 the company name was changed to Mack Trucks, Inc.. John Mack was killed in an automobile accident in 1924. The bulldog logo was adopted in 1932.

Mack trucks played a key roll in building the Hoover Dam in 1933. In 1956 Mack acquired the Brockway Motor Company and in 1967 Mack Trucks joined the Signal Oil and Gas Company under the name The Signal Companies, Inc.. In 2000 Volvo bought Mack and Renault Trucks. Mack headquarters are now located in Greensboro, North Carolina, and they sell their trucks in 45 countries.



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