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Renault History: Louis Renault and two brothers founded the Renault Corporation in France in 1899. The first Renault was the Renault Voiturette 1CV in 1898 and Renault built their first production car the following year. Renault also built taxis, buses and commercial vehicles. During World War I Renault produced ammunition, airplanes and vehicles for France. After the war Renault turned to making agricultural and industrial equipment. During World War II they were forced to make war materials for Nazi Germany and after the war France nationalized the company and they returned to building cars. During the 1970s energy crisis Renault partnered with American Motors Corporation (AMC) to cross-market vehicles and by 1980 they owned controlling interest. However the Renault-AMC partnership did not meet expectations.

By the 1980s Renault was almost broke and the French government stepped in and changed the management. The strategy worked and major cost cutting efforts put Renault back in the black within a few years. Renault had several successful models in the 1990s and was privatized again in 1996, resulting in an alliance with Nissan Motors. In 2001 Renault-Nissan made an alliance with Volvo and in 2010 they made another alliance with Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes-Benz, for a swap of engines.



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