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Jensen History: Richard and Alan Jensen bought the W.J.Smiths & Sons body works in England in 1934 to build custom bodies for manufactures such as Morris , Standard, Singer and Wolseley. Clark Gable commissioned them to build a special body in 1934 for a Ford V-8 chassis, resulting in a deal to build bodies for Ford. A few years later they produced some commercial vehicles under the JNSN marque. After WWII they produced some light weight trucks and buses and cars such as the "Jensen PW", the "Jensen Inerceptor" and the "Jensen 541", witch had a fiberglass body.

In 1951 the Jensens built an aluminum body for the Austin Motor Company of England, called the "Austin A40 Sports" and in 1960 the Jensens built the "P1800" for Volvo. The Jensens were also involved in the manufacturing of the "Sunbeam Tiger".

In 1959 the Norcros Group took control of Jensen Motors, in 1966 the brothers quit and in 1970 an American, Kjell Qvale, took control and made Donald Healey chairman of the board. Jensen Motors went out of business in 1976. JP & S ended up with the rights to the Jensen name and produced the "Jensen MK IV", a remake of the Interceptor, in 1982 but few were built. There was another short revival in 2001 and in 2010 Jensen International Automotive was started to buy and restore old Jensen Interceptors.



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