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Singer History: George Singer was making bicycles in 1875 and began making three-wheelers with motors in England in 1901. Singer started making cars in 1905 but by 1956 he was out of money and the Rootes Brothers took over, producing the Gazelle, Hillman Minx, Vogue and Hillman Super Minx. However by 1970 the Rootes were also in financial trouble and they closed the doors. The British Singer is not related to Singer car company of New York that built cars between 1915 and 1920.

Singer used three and four cylinder engines during the earlier years and sales were limited. The first successful car was the 1911 "Ten" and by 1928 Singer was third in England to Austin and Morris. The war years interrupted production and afterward the Singer models "Nine", "Ten" and "Twelve" were reintroduced.



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