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Hupmobile History: Robert and Louis Hupp opened the Hupp Motor Car Company in 1908 and the company built antique, vintage and classic cars until 1957. The brothers split up in 1912 with Louis maintaining control and Robert selling his interest to open the Hupp-Yeats Electric Car Company. The Hupmobile did well against Ford and Chevrolet, selling 65,000 vehicles in 1928, and Hupp bought the Chandler-Cleveland Motors Corporation a few years later to increase production.

As with many car companies at the time, the Great Depression put the Hupp company in dire straights and it was only their innovations and quality that carried them through; but stockholder disagreements eventually forced the company to close its doors in 1937.

The Hupp Motor Car Company got a fresh start in 1938 by purchasing the production dies from the Cord Automobile Company and early orders were promising. However they no longer had the facilities to meet the demand and had to negotiate a deal with the Graham-Page Motor Company, also in financial stress, to share the Cord dies in their plant. The Graham-Paige car was called the "Hollywood" and Hupp called his car the "Skylark" and they looked very similar. Regrettably, by the time the Hupmobile Skylark was ready for delivery most of the dealers had become impatient and only about 300 were produced before the company went out of business again in 1939.



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