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Vehicles and Classic Cars for Sale in Indiana

Vehicle Museums and Classic Cars for Sale in Indiana

At this time we know of these antique, vintage or classic car museums in Indiana.
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Automobile Museum: The Automobile Museum is located in Auburn, Indiana, just north of Fort Wayne. The museum is housed in the original Auburn Automobile Company factory and consists of over 120 Auburn, Cord and Duesenberg antique automobiles.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum: The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum is located a few miles north of Indianapolis at the famous speedway. The museum is all about the history of the speedway and the famous races that it has hosted.

Kokomo Automotive Museum: The Kokomo Automotive Museum is located in Kokomo, Indiana, a few miles north of Indianapolis. The museum celebrates the history of the automobile industry in Kokomo and offers an eclectic collection of antique, vintage and classic cars and automotive memorabilia.

Studebaker National Museum: The Studebaker National Museum is located in South Bend, Indiana, and is all about the iconic Studebaker vehicles. They have research materials, a gift store and over 70 Studebakers on display at all times.