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Maserati History: The Maserati brothers sold their interest in the company to the Orsi family in 1937 but stayed on as engineers and Maseratis won the Indianapolis 500 in 1940 and 1941. Maserati switch to making parts for the Italian army during World War II but went back to building race cars soon after. The first mid-engined Maserati was built in 1971 and the Maserati Merak and Maserati Khamsin models followed soon after. Like so many other automobile manufacturers, Maserati suffered from the energy crisis in the 1970s and was acquired by Citroen. Then Citroen went broke and the Italian government had to stepped in with funds until the company was sold to the Benelli Motorcycle Company in 1975. Alessandro de Tomaso was the majority stock holder of the Benelli Motorcycle Company and was made managing director for Maserati. The Fiat Group acquired control of Maserati in 1993 and made them a division of Ferrari in 1999, which they also own.



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