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Lamborghini History: It is said that Lamborghini started building cars because of his dissatisfaction for the clutch in the Ferrari. The first Lamborghini 350GTV came out in 1963 and 130 of them were sold the following year.

The Lamborghini 350GTV was followed by the successful 400GT, which led to the famous Lamborghini Miura in 1965. The four-seat Espanda was introduced in 1967 and the LP400 Countach was introduced in 1974 with the first scissor doors.

Ferruccio Lamborghini sold his company to a Swiss investor and retired in the late 1970's. However poor quality and a retreat from the racing world almost led to the company's demise and Chrysler picked up the pieces in 1987. But then they ran into financial troubles and were forced to sell the name to an Indonesian company called MegaTech in 1994, who then sold it to the Audi division of Volkswagen in 1998.



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