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Bugatti History: The Volkswagen Group currently owns Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. of Alsace, France. It evolved in 2000 from the Bugatti Automobili SpA.

Volkswagen acquired the rights to build cars under the Bugatti name in 1998, shortly after buying Lamborghini and Bentley. Volkswagen's goal was to return the Bugatti to a prominent position and after building several concept cars the "Veyron" was introduced at the 2000 Geneva Motor Show. It was said to be the fastest, most powerful and highest price car ever built. The top speed was 253 mph and the cost was $1,000,000 euros.

The "Bugatti Veyron 16.4" went into production in 2003 but the chairman of the Volkswagen Group retired that year and his replacement halted production to make changes. Production resumed in 2005 with significant changes and a new price of $1,100,000 euros - about $1,400,000 US dollars.



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