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Kaiser & Kaiser-Frazer History: Henry J. Kaiser, of Kaiser Steel, teamed up with Joseph W. Frazer to start the Kaiser-Frazer Corporation in 1945 in Willow Run, Michigan. In 1947 they built Kaiser and Frazer automobiles using the same body and power train. Kaiser also built the "Henry J" and sold it through Sears-Roebuck catalogs under the Allstate name. Kaiser split from Frazer and changed the company name to Kaiser Motors in 1952. In 1953 Kaiser acquired Jeep and Willys from the Willys-Overland Corporation and changed the name to Willys Motors. The Kaiser and Willys lines were dropped two years later. In 1963 Kaiser became Kaiser-Jeep, which was sold to AMC (American Motors Corporation) in 1970 and the name is now owned by the Chrysler Group, LLC.



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