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Whether you own a classic car or just want to be part of a fun social club that revolves around the celebration of vintage and antique automobiles, classic car clubs are a great way to share your enthusiasm for fine vehicles. You can find special car clubs in almost every state and even join national groups online that are dedicated to the collection, preservation and enjoyment of rare cars from the brass, electric, antique, vintage, classic and muscle car eras. Many people consider cars to be a sport or hobby and plan vacations and weekends around car shows, events and gatherings that give car lovers the chance to get together and share their passion. The easiest way to find a local car club is to search the internet using your zip code, city or state to limit the results to your area. Or if it a unique car, such as a Model T Ford, you could watch the papers for local events and talk to people who have one. Many local car clubs are affiliated with national clubs and here are three of the primary car clubs in the United States.

1940 Ford Hot Rod

1940 Ford Hot Rod

The Classic Car Club of America (CCCA) was formed in 1952 and accepts members whether they own a classic car or not. The primary focus of the club is cars manufactured during the Grand Classic Era from 1919 to 1948 and today it features over 5,600 members worldwide. They are headquartered in Des Plaines, IL (near Chicago) and the club sponsors events around the country throughout the year including an annual meeting and regional events that include tours of scenic locations. The CCCA also has a museum on the campus of the Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners, MI, that was dedicated and opened in 1987. As of this date (November of 2012) membership is $60/year plus regional membership fees of $20-$45 for U.S. citizens and includes a quarterly magazine.

The Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) that was founded in 1935 and exists to preserve and enjoy the automotive history of all types of classic cars. The club started with 14 members who met on a cold winter January day in Philadelphia to talk about old cars and today the club has over 50,000 members with over 400 regions and chapters across the country. Membership is open to anyone who has a genuine interest in the antique automobile hobby and the group regularly hosts events including car shows, regional tours and parades. As of this date (November of 2012) annual membership is $35/year which includes your spouse and a subscription to their quarterly magazine. They also offer a lifetime membership for $600.

The Sports Car Club of America (SSCA) was started in 1944 with the goal of bringing motor sports to drivers with an interest in speed and competition. They oversee 115 regional chapters and host national events. They welcome men and women of all ages with an interest in driving, marshaling events, or working behind the scenes. As of this date (November of 2012) SafeRacer First Gear memberships are intended for folks 24 years old or under and the dues are $45/year. General individual membership is $65/year plus local chapter dues that range from free to $25/year, and that includes a subscription to SportsCar magazine. They also offer a military discount.

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