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Graham Brother Truck History: Robert, Ray and Joseph Graham, the Graham Brothers, started out by making truck bodies for Model T Ford cars. They then began building custom trucks for clients using parts from other manufacturers. By the early 1920s they had worked out a deal with the Dodge brothers to make Graham trucks with Dodge components and sell them through Dodge dealerships.

Over the next few years Dodge acquired controlling interest in the Graham Brothers Trucks and the brothers became employees. Chrysler bought out Dodge in 1927 and got the Graham Brothers Trucks name and exclusive rights to their trucks as part of the deal. The brothers then went off on their own and bought the Paige-Detroit Motor Company to build cars and named their new company Graham-Paige. And then in 1929 Chrysler changed the name from Graham trucks to Dodge trucks. At one point the Grahams tried to build trucks again but Chrysler made them stop under the agreement they had with Dodge.



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