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Freightliner Truck History: Consolidated Freightways started building their own trucks in the 1930s under the "Freightliners" name but had to stop for lack of materials during World War II. Following the war they wanted to increase their volume to reduce costs and began marketing their trucks through the White Motor Company. The "White Freightliner" cab-over-engine trucks were a big success for over 25 years but by the 1970s the White company was in financial trouble so Consolidated cancelled the contract and started the Freightliner Corporation.

In the 1980s the truck transportation business was very profitable so Consolidated decided to get our of manufacturing and sold Freightliner to Daimler-Benz. During the 1990s Daimler-Benz purchased Oshkosh Custom Chassis to make delivery trucks, American LaFrance to make fire trucks, AeroMax to make heavy-duty trucks, and Thomas Built Buses to make school buses. And in the 2000s they acquired Western Start Trucks and Detroit Diesel Corporation.

In 2007 Freightliner took a downturn from having too much used stock on had and two significant union strikes. Meanwhile Daimler-Benz had become DaimlerChrysler and Freightliner was renamed Daimler Trucks North America. Freightliner is now a leader in the heavy-duty truck, walk-in vans and motor home chassis markets.



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