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Triumph History: The Triumph Motor Company started as a bicycle company in England in 1885. Triumph went from bicycles to motorcycles in 1902 and then cars in 1921. The 1927 Triumph Super 7 was their first popular model and moved Triumph into the main stream of the automotive world. Triumph sold the bicycle and motorcycle divisions in 1936 to gain capital but it wasn't't enough and by 1939 they were bankrupt. Then T.W. Ward bought the Triumph Motor Company and hired Donald Healey as general manager but the factory was destroyed by bombs in 1940.

After the war the Standard Motor Company bought the Triumph Motor Company and the name was changed to the Triumph Motor Company Limited. The first post-war vehicle came out in 1946 and the first Triumph sports car, the Triumph TR2, was introduced in 1953. In 1960 Triumph bought Leyland Motors Limited and in 1968 the name was changed to the British Leyland Motor Corporation. The last Triumph was built in 1981 and the name is now owned by BMW.



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