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Jensen-Healey History: The Jensen Motors company of England built about 10,000 Jensen-Healeys from 1972 to 1976, and the fastback Jensen GT was made in 1975. Donald Healey was the chairman of Jensen Motors at the time and Kiell Qvale was the majority stockholder of the Norcros Group, their parent company.

The Jensen brothers were building bodies for the Austin Motor Company at the time and Healey, their engineer, wanted to build a new car to replace the Austin-Healey 3000. The Jensens and Healey considered engines from Vauxhall, Ford and BMW but settled on a two liter Lotus 907 with dual overhead cams that produced about 144 brake horsepower. The engine was equipped with dual side-draft Zenith Stromberg carburetors and a four or five-speed manual transmission.

When the oil crisis of the 1970s killed sales for the Jensen V8 Interceptor they did not have enough capital to keep the Jensen-Healey in production and went out of business in 1976.


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