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Benz History: Karl F. Benz started building trucks in 1895 and patented the first internal combustion engine in 1896. However gasoline was difficult to find so acceptance was slow and his vehicles did not sell very well.

In 1903 Benz retired and made his son Richard chief designer. The 1904 Benz did well but after two years Benz returned to start a new company with his other son, Eugen. Karl Benz retired again in 1912 and left everything to his sons.Daimler Motors was Benz' chief competition and they merged in 1924. At first they just shared parts but then became the Daimler-Benz Company two years later.

Daimler had introduced the Mercedes in 1900 and after the merger they agreed to sell all their vehicles under the Mercedes-Benz label.



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