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Pontiac History: The Pontiac name came from the chief of the Ottawa indians began as a General Motors brand in 1926. The first General Motors Pontiac was moderately priced and featured a six cylinder engine. The original Pontiac logo was a native American headdress and the arrowhead logo was adopted in 1956.

In 1957 Pontiac introduced the Bonneville and marketed it as a performance car. In 1959 "Wide-Tracker" suspension was touted as providing better traction and stability. In 1964 John DeLorean introduced the Pontiac GTO, powered by a 389 cubic inch V-8, and it was an instant hit. This was the first mid-sized car with a V8 engine and is often associated with the beginning of the Muscle Car Era. GM eliminated the Pontiac line of cars in 2009.



$14,900 US Dollars

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Make: Pontiac
Model: Grand Am
Year: 1973
Miles: 20667

May 2, 2023

$15,000 Make an Offer

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Make: Pontiac
Model: Gto
Year: 1967
Miles: 12850

Mar 18, 2023