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Locomobile History: John B. Walker started the Locomobile Company of America in 1899 in Watertown, Massachusetts. Locomobiles started as small mid-priced steam driven cars with engines designed by the Stanley brothers. They made about 4,000 steam engine cars until 1903 when the company turned to the internal combustion engine and added luxury items. The 1904 Locomobile was a touring car that carried six people and sold for $4,500. The Locomobile company started racing their cars in 1905 and they won the Vanderbilt Cup in 1908; the first U.S. car company to win an international race.

The most famous Locomobile was the 1919 Model 48 but it's price, $10,000 compared to the $300 Model T Ford Phaeton, resulted in limited sales. William Durant bought the Locomobile company in 1922 and continued to use the Locomotive marque until 1929.



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