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Lincoln History: Lincoln is a division of the Ford Motor Company. Henry M. Leland left General Motors in 1917 to start the Lincoln Motor Company to build Liberty aircraft engines for World War I. After the war he retooled to make Lincoln a luxury automobile similar to the Cadillac but he was under capitalized and sold out to Ford soon after. Leland named the car after his hero, Abraham Lincoln, and the 1939 V12 convertible, known as the "Sunshine Specially", was the first car to be specially made for a president. Lincoln adopted a greyhound as their logo in 1927 and later replaced it with the diamond.

The 1936 Lincoln Zephyr was a popular sporty design and the Continental eventually became the most expensive model when Edsel Ford was president of the company. in 1998 Lincoln was the best selling luxury car in the U.S. but has lost ground to the competition in recent years.



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