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Flanders History: The Flanders Automobile Company was owned by Walter Flanders in Detroit, Michigan, between 1910 and 1913. Flanders was a key player in Henry Ford's assembly line design and left Ford in 1908 to start the "E-M-F Automobile Company" with Bernard Everitt and William Metzger. Their goal was to compete with the Ford Model T but they only had limited success. The Studebaker brothers were major stockholders in E-M-F and in 1909 Flanders convinced them to build the "Flanders Model 20", which sold second to the Model T Ford in 1911. Studebaker took over E-M-F and Flanders in 1912 and sold both as Studebakers.

Everitt and Metzger left E-M-F in 1909 to build a new car and Flanders joined them shortly after. At first the new company was called the Metzger Company, then the Everitt Motor Company and finally the Flanders Motor Company in 1912. They only built a few cars before Flanders left the company to help Benjamin Briscoe save the failing United States Motors Company.



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