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REO History: Ransom E. Olds founded the REO Motor Car Company in 1904. The REO was named after Ransom E. Olds and is spelled in upper or lower case letters (REO or Reo). The REO "Speed-Wagon" band is not related but assumed the name after a REO van delivery truck. Other notable models include the 1927 REO Flying Cloud and the 1931 REO Royale.

In 1907 REO was one of the largest U.S. vehicle builders but they had trouble competing with Ford and General Motors and by the end of the Great Depression had quit building cars. In 1910 REO started building trucks and orders during World War II kept them in business. In 1957 REO became a subsidiary of the White Motor Company and in 1967 White merged REO with Diamond T Trucks, which went bankrupt in 1975.



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1930 Reo Flying Cloud. Yellow...

Make: REO
Model: Flying Cloud
Year: 1930

Ridge Spring

Feb 13, 2017