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Studebaker History: The Studebaker Brothers were making wagon wheels in 1852 and founded the Studebaker Corporation in 1911 to build cars. However by 1917 all five brothers had died and a son in-law, Fred Fish, took over. Fish started by building the Studebaker Electric between 1902 and 1911 and added gasoline engines in 1904. The Studebaker Corporation was formed in 1911 and in 1926 they built the first automobile proving ground in North America.
Studebaker barely made it through the Great Depression and military truck sales during World War II helped to make the company solvent again. However by the 1950s the "big three" of General Motors, Ford and Chrysler were too competitive for the company. They tried to recover by merging with Packard, becoming Studebaker-Packard Corporation, but by 1956 they were in serious financial trouble. They tried to recover by ending Packard production in 1958 and dropped the name in 1962. However that did not help and by 1964 Studebaker was out of business. As Studebaker liquidated they sold there Avanti brand name to a Studebaker dealer and that vehicle line continued until about 2006.

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Photo Make Model Year City Zip State Price
1957 Studebaker Hawk Studebaker Hawk 1957 Sellersville 18960 Pennsylvania $13,000 Make an Offer Sep 22, 2016
1922 Studebaker Light Six Studebaker Light Six 1922 Citrus Springs 34433 Florida $28,000 Make an Offer Sep 18, 2016
1960 Studebaker Lark Regal VIII Studebaker Lark Regal VIII 1960 Arnold 63010 Missouri $12,500 Make an Offer Sep 2, 2016
1962 Studebaker GT Hawk Studebaker GT Hawk 1962 tyler 75710 Texas $25,900 Make an Offer Aug 31, 2016
1949 Studebaker Commander Starlight Studebaker Commander Starlight 1949 tyler 75710 Texas $17,900 Make an Offer Aug 31, 2016
1955 Studebaker Commander 2DR Studebaker Commander 2DR 1955 Council Bluffs 51501 Arizona - Jul 16, 2016

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