1946 Ford Business Coupe

1946 Ford Business Coupe for sale. This is a survivor (not restored) which is in old, but decent shape. Used as an occasional driver and was licensed and insured until recently. I know it has had a little engine work done, such as installation of an electric fuel pump, but I can't say if there was much else. My wife's father, who actually owns the car, did all of the work himself but he cannot remember very much these days.

His most recent project was to work on the dashboard, so the current state is that there are probably some wires still disconnected, and trim pieces still not installed.

The engine is a flathead straight 6, and the odometer reads 96000 miles (I have no reason do doubt this, but also no way to prove it either). It should run, but there's a problem with the starter right now which requires rolling it down a hill to get it going.