Last Reviewed: October 15, 2018
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If you are looking for a vehicle in Michigan you might find it here. Following are some of the most recent Michigan classified ads for used antique cars and trucks, vintage cars and trucks, classic cars and trucks, motorcycles, hot rods, roadsters, muscle cars, trailers, parts, publications and memorabilia. Everything for sale on this page is located in the state of Michigan. There may be more items on our website and you will find a list of Automobile Museums in Michigan below.

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Vehicles For Sale in Michigan

Vehicle Museums in Michigan

At this time we know of these antique, vintage or classic car museums in Michigan.
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Automotive Hall of Fame: The Automotive Hall of Fame is located in Dearborn, Michigan, and pays tribute to those who have had a significant impact on the automobile industry. It has pictures, some memorabilia and revolving exhibits.

Ford Piquette Avenue Plant: The Ford Piquette Avenue Plant is located in Detroit, Michigan, and is the birthplace of the Model A Ford. You can take a tour of the factory and there are many early Fords on display from the Antique Car Era.

Gilmore Car Museum: The Gilmore Car Museum in located in Hickory Corners, Michigan, northwest of Battle Creek. The collection represents the efforts of Donald S. Gilmore to preserve an eclectic collection of over 300 antique, vintage and classic cars, models, car dealership, train station, diner, gas station and more.

Henry Ford Museum: The Henry Ford Museum is located in Detroit, Michigan, and includes Greenfield Village, The Rouge factory and a research center. The Pierce-Arrow Museum is also located here. This is one of the 10 most visited museums in American and should not be missed.

Ransom E Olds Museum: The Ransom E Olds Museum is located in Lansing, Michigan, and contains dozens of antique REOs and antique, vintage and classic Oldsmobiles. The collection includes a 1906 REO and a Curved Dash Oldsmobile.

Sloan Museum: The Sloan Museum is located on the Flint Cultural Center Campus in Flint, Michigan. The museum hosts a collection of 20 classic Buicks as well as other locally made vehicles.

Stahls Automotive Foundation Museum: The Stahls Automotive Foundation Museum is located in Chesterfield, Michigan, north of Detroit. The collection features samples of the best engineered and designed American vehicles from companies such as Locomobile, Oakland, Auburn, Cord, Graham and Hupmobile.

Walter P. Chrysler Museum: The Walter P. Chrysler Museum is located in Auburn Hills, Michigan, north of Detroit. The museum is all about the life of Walter P. Chrysler and Chrysler vehicles. It is a private museum that can be reserved for private meetings.

Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Museum: The Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Museum is located in Ypsilanti, Michigan, southeast of Ann Arbor. The museum is dedicated to the hundreds of companies that build automobiles in Michigan and includes samples of

Hudson, Tucker, and Kaiser-Frazer, among others.