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REO Trucks: Ransom E. Olds opened the REO Motor Car Company in 1904 and started building trucks in 1910. He produced several popular cars during the Antique Car Era but by 1936 he had turned his attention trucks. Then, like many companies at the time, the Great Depression was hard to overcome. He made a profit selling trucks to the military during World War II but it wasn't enough so in the mid 1950s he sold his operation to the Bohn Aluminum and Brass Corporation, who sold it to the White Motor Company a few years later. In 1967 White merged REO with their Diamond T Truck division to form Diamond-Reo Trucks but seven years later the company went bankrupt and most everything was liquidated. In 1975 Loyal Osterlund and Ray Houseal bought the Diamond-Reo name and continued to build trucks until 1995.
The most famous REO truck was the "Speed Wagon", partially because the rock group "REO Speedwagon" adopted the name. The trucks were produced between 1915 and 1953 as light duty delivery trucks, panel trucks, fire engines, dump trucks and other uses.
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Photo Make Model Year City Zip State Price
1927 REO Speedwagon REO Speedwagon 1927 Trenton 29847 South Carolina $16,000 Make an Offer Jan 5, 2015

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