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Nash History: Charles Nash founded Nash Motors in 1916 and it eventually became the automotive division of the Nash-Kelvinator Corporation. He bought the Thomas B. Jeffery Company in Wisconsin, who built a "Rambler", and he built the "Ajax" and the "Nash Ajax Light Six" in the 1920s. The 1932 Nash Ambassador was among the first vintage era automobiles with a synchromesh transmission. In 1924 Nash bought the LaFayette Motors factory in Wisconsin to make his cars and offered a LaFayette model from 1934 to 1937. In 1941 Nash mass produced the Rambler, the first unibody constructed vehicle in the United States and a leader in the American compact market.
Nash merged with the Hudson Motor Car Company in 1954, which became the AMC (American Motors Corporation) in 1954.

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Photo Make Model Year Zip State Price
1959 Nash Metropolitan Nash Metropolitan 1959 14094 New York $10,900.00 Make an Offer Jul 22, 2014
1961 nash metropolitian nash metropolitian 1961 61520 Illinois $8,900.00 Make an Offer Jul 8, 2014
1956 nash metropolitan convert nash metropolitan convert 1956 29607 South Carolina $15,599.00 Make an Offer Jun 18, 2014
1958 Nash Metropolitan Nash Metropolitan 1958 51501 Iowa $0.00 Make an Offer Jun 11, 2014
1959 Nash Metropolitan Nash Metropolitan 1959 51501 Iowa $0.00 Make an Offer Jun 11, 2014
1948 NASH 600 NASH 600 1948 92072 California $5,500.00 Make an Offer May 22, 2014
1960 nash metropolitan convertible   561 nash metropolitan convertible 561 1960 34240 Florida $18,900.00 Make an Offer Apr 30, 2014

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