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AMC History: American Motors Corporation (AMC) began in 1954 when Nash-Kelvinator merged with Hudson. The founder, Thomas B. Jeffery, built his first automobile in 1897 and converted the Sterlin Bicycle Factory in Wisconsin to make Ramblers in 1900. Two years later AMC became the second automobile company to mass produce over 1500 vehicles in the U.S., one year after Oldsmobile and one year before Ford.
When Jeffery died in 1910 his son Charles took over and the 'Rambler' became the 'Jeffery' in 1914. In 1916 Charles W. Nash purchased the company and renamed it the Nash Motors Company. And in 1954 Nash merged with Hudson and eventually Kelvinator to form AMC. American Motors was purchased by Chrysler Corporation in 1987 and they changed the name to Eagles.

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Photo Make Model Year Zip State Price
1969 AMC AMX AMC AMX 1969 91360 California $29,900.00 Make an Offer Apr 15, 2014
1967 AMC Rebel SST Convertible AMC Rebel SST Convertibl 1967 51501 Iowa $16,500.00 Make an Offer Mar 14, 2014
1965 AMC Rambler 660 Classic AMC Rambler 660 Classic 1965 54488 Wisconsin $7,750.00 Make an Offer Mar 3, 2014
1970 AMC AMX AMC AMX 1970 51501 Iowa $0.00 Make an Offer Feb 26, 2014
1983 AMC Concord Station Wagon AMC Concord Station Wagon 1983 51501 Iowa $3,600.00 US dollars Jan 21, 2014

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