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Volkswagen History: Volkswagen (VW) is the core of Volkswagen Group in Germany and one of the world's largest automobile makers. Volkswagen means "people's cars" in German. The company started in the 1930s and the most famous model, the Volkswagen Beetle, was designed by Ferdinand Porsche under the watchful eye of Adolf Hitler, who wanted an inexpensive car for the working class. Volkswagens entered the U.S. market in 1949 and Volkswagen of America was formed in 1955. North American sales started off slow but a witty advertising campaign in the 1960s coined the term "Volkswagen Beetle" and sales soared. The Volkswagen Beetle name was officially adopted in 1998.
Volkswagen introduced the "Thing" in 1978 but safety issues killed it two years later. However the Volkswagen Rabbit, Polo, Golf and Passat were well received. Electrical and engine problems in the 1980s hampered U.S. sales until Motor Trend named the GTI its Car of the Year for 1985. But that wasn't enough and by the early 1990s Volkswagen's sales were dropping again. In 1994 the Volkswagen Concept One car, looking similar to the original Beetle, was a hit but the 2002 Phaeton and Touareg were not. By 2005 Volkswagen was near the bottom in U.S. sales. Then the 2006 Volkswagen Jetta and Passat came on the market and once again sales rose. Volkswagen continues in the American market today.

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Photo Make Model Year Zip State Price
1973 Volkswagon Thing 4DR Convertibl Volkswagon Thing 4DR Convertibl 1973 51501 Iowa - Mar 1, 2015
1974 VW Thing VW Thing 1974 32162 Florida $15,999 Make an Offer Feb 19, 2015
1968 Volkswagon Beetle Volkswagon Beetle 1968 51501 Iowa $7,500 or Offer Feb 16, 2015
1978 Volkswagen Dasher Volkswagen Dasher 1978 93551 California $3,900 Make an Offer Feb 14, 2015
1990 Volkswagen Rabbit Cabriolet Volkswagen Rabbit Cabriolet 1990 90034 Connecticut $500 or Offer Feb 13, 2015
1986 Volkswagon Cabriolet Conv. Volkswagon Cabriolet Conv. 1986 13730 New York $1,000 Make an Offer Feb 11, 2015
1969 Volkswagen Beetle Volkswagen Beetle 1969 41011 Kentucky $19,450 Make an Offer Feb 10, 2015
1974 Volkswagen Super Beetle Volkswagen Super Beetle 1974 19352 Pennsylvania $6,250 Make an Offer Feb 8, 2015
1972 VW Bug VW Bug 1972 86305 Arizona $8,000 Make an Offer Jan 18, 2015
1973 Volkswagen Super Beetle Volkswagen Super Beetle 1973 73505 Oklahoma $5,500 Make an Offer Jan 13, 2015
1970 Volkswagen  Manx dune buggy Volkswagen Manx dune buggy 1970 75098 Texas $5,800 Make an Offer Jan 10, 2015
1968 Volkswagen Beetle Volkswagen Beetle 1968 11787 New York $23,000 Make an Offer Jan 5, 2015
1982 VW  RABBIT CONVERTIBLE VW RABBIT CONVERTIBLE 1982 91324 California $700 US Dollars Jan 1, 2015
1974 Volkswagen Super Bettle Volkswagen Super Bettle 1974 22309 Virginia $10,000 Make an Offer Dec 8, 2014

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