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GMC Trucks: William Durant started the General Motors Corporation (GMC) in 1908 with the vision of acquiring a variety of car and truck companies. His first purchase was the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company, followed by the Reliance Motor Car Company, which were eventually merged to become the General Motors Truck Company, or "GMC Truck".
A 1916 GMC truck was driven from Seattle, WA, to New York, NY, in 30 days under much fanfare and their truck business flourished. The Yellow Coach company was added to the mix in 1925 and in 1943 the "GM Truck and Coach Division" name was adopted. They stopped making heavy duty trucks in 1978 and In 1987 they got out of the bus and coach business. However GMC continues to make a variety of light duty trucks and sells them through their Cadillac, Buick and Pontiac dealerships. The light truck line is almost identical to the Chevrolet line of light trucks, sold exclusively through Chevrolet dealerships.
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Photo Make Model Year Zip State Price
1951 GMC 152-22 3/4 Ton PU GMC 152-22 3/4 Ton PU 1951 51501 Iowa $12,500.00 or Offer Aug 31, 2014
1937 GMC Rare Pickup GMC Rare Pickup 1937 51501 Iowa $22,500.00 or Offer Sep 4, 2014
1946 GMC CC100 Pickup GMC CC100 Pickup 1946 51501 Iowa $14,500.00 or Offer Aug 30, 2014
1985 GMC Caballero Pickup GMC Caballero Pickup 1985 51501 Kansas $0.00 Make an Offer Sep 26, 2014
1955 GMC Pickup Truck GMC Pickup Truck 1955 48505 Michigan Sold at Auction Aug 14, 2014
1950 GMC Pickup Truck GMC Pickup Truck 1950 48108 Wisconsin $20,000.00 Make an Offer Jul 30, 2014
1971 GMC Sierra Grande GMC Sierra Grande 1971 92072 California $12,500.00 Make an Offer Aug 20, 2014
1965 GMC 3/4 TON WIDESID GMC 3/4 TON WIDESID 1965 92072 California $7,500.00 Make an Offer Aug 13, 2014
1956 GMC & Harley Davidson 100 GMC & Harley Davidson 100 1956 96150 California $127,500.00 Make an Offer Sep 5, 2014

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