1929 Buick Marquette 37

Information about the car best to her knowledge (selling for family): It has around 62500 original miles and very limited if any modifications or restorations have been completed. It has a crank start with an alternator (to run lights). It’s a 4 door sedan with suicide doors. It has a boot on the back for a luggage rack and comes with two spare tires. Built in shades located in the rear windows are a unique option. It’s a manual transmission and a box full of parts come with the purchase. (Not sure what parts). The wooden running boards show their age. The interior is a brown cloth that feels like velour. This is a VERY unique and extremely rare classic car in excellent overall condition. Please message me with questions or to see it in person.

The history of this car: The Marquette was nicknamed the "companion car" built and sold by Buick (GM) for ONLY 16 months or one model year in Detroit. The first model was also nicknamed “Baby Buick”. It went on sale June 1, 1929. Many early Marquettes were registered as 29's and some leftovers registered into 1931. Priced in 1929 it was an affordable $960 New catering to the less expensive market niche under the Oldsmobile. The Marquette had six models made in the 30 series. The quick demise of the Marquette was the Great Depression of the US. There were 35,007 built and only 16,123 of this specific 4 door touring sedan or the Model 37. There were an additional 6,535 units produced out of Canada. (M.O.R.E website). Currently there are about 80 left in the world most being located in Australia and Germany. It’s most well known for the herringbone grill that mirrored the more expensive Cadillac.

New Model

Not actual light just example.