1955 Chevy - 265 c.I.d. V8 Small block

Completely restored '55 Chevy 265 c.I.d. Small block V8. A rare find, Chevy' s first mass produced V8 (not including the 1919 V8) completely new 0 hrs run time. Full restoration to O.E.M. specifications as debuted in the '55 Belair. Flattop pistons, machined cylinders, forged steel crank, new oil pump + pickup, rod-main bearings, rings, seals, timing components, complete head overhaul: decked, lapped valves, valve seats, seals, keepers, springs. All original timing, valve coverers, even original bolts, and oil fill tube. Fresh paint no dents scratches or damage of any kind. The exact original specs to give your '55 it's full value. Have both 2 or 4 barrel intake as well