1984 Chevrolet Foxwood

Your previewing a 1984 Custom Built Race Car Hauler owned by Abe Simon in Phoenix, Arizona.
The truck runs and drives very well and has a replacement 454 engine for lots of power.
Originally customized at a machine shop in Prescott Valley Arizona and purchased by car collector in Prescott.
Sold to Abe Simon in Phoenix 5 years ago.
Abe has replaced the motor winch. The truck has a steel bed and storage-sleeping compartment.
ideal for race car owner, car collector, or just general towing work.
Priced at under 5000 dollars is a bargain for any type of towing vehicle in today's market.
We prefer the buyer to come to Phoenix and drive home, as this vehicle is difficult to ship.
Your looking at many years of service and revenue-or lose with an excuse you won't remember tomorrow.
So please call in today with questions and intention to purchase. Only have one of these, never going to be another again. No matter where you are own in 48 hours or lose with an excuse.