1942 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight

Model: Ninety-eight
VIN: 98-27152
Mileage: 45,885 (+)
Cylinders: straight eight
Transmission: Hydra-Matic
Exterior: Black
Interior: Taupe

Dubbed the "B-44" to represent the 44th year of Oldsmobile in the automotive industry, 1942 models were better built, better looking and better lasting. unfortunately the war ceased all civilian production lines in February 1942 as they converted to manufacturing war machines. This particular car is an unbelievable time machine of originality. The paint work is for the most part original. It has had the tops of the fenders repainted in the 1960s due to fading. The interior is absolutely incredibly original and looks as if it were only a few months old. To this day it's still has the original Hydro-matic instructions slid on the sunvisor. Mechanically, it is in equally amazing condition and was driven on a lengthy cross country journey with no problems. It is not often that one runs across such a beautiful original example. It has been featured in Special Interest Autos, and has got to be one of, if not, the finest original '42 in existence. So nice, that this car was featured for a time in the St. Louis Car museum. Looking to sell but may entertain trades or best reasonable offer. Contact by phone only and make inquires to Dan @ 405-550-5292