1969 Pontiac Grand Prix

Have had this 1969 in out family for 35 years, it was restored prob 20 years ago and used a few years and then it was parked and has sat where it is today, it has potential to be restored but it maybe a parts car also, car has a substantial amount of rust and is in pretty rough shape as you can see, it back window was broken out an it's starting to get a few animals walking in there I noticed and I just wanna move it so someone can do something with it, I use to drive this car in high school and it was very fast it had a 400 size motor and trans in it, it also I believe is called an SJ model I think, I can upload some more pictures of it soon but if you wanna come see it feel free to contact me and I'd love for you to see it in person. It's pretty solid and don't have big holes in it at all, the car started sinking into the asphalt over the years when it got really hot out so I'm not sure of the condition of floor boards or frame but I'm assuming they're not in great shape. Please feel free to ask any questions. Thanks and I do have title in hand