1986 SAAB 900

1 Owner 29 Years, All Documentation & All Records Since Day One, Classic 900, C900

Original owner 29 years. Stored winters. All documentation since day one. All records. Low miles, fully documented. NO accidents. Original paint. Rides & drives as beautifully as it looks. Why? Because as the records show, more than the price of a new Volvo S60 has been invested in this SAAB in care and maintenance. By the SAAB dealer that sold it, from day one until that SAAB dealer closed. By a SAAB specialist after that. Driving this car is like a trip back in time when you could actually find YOUNG SAAB 900s. As nice as only a very few have been kept!

There are currently four 900 SAABs for sale in America from $19,000 to $25,000. Nice as those are, this lower priced one is the only one with documented history and with just one owner over three decades. Complete owner's packet with all books/manuals/audio cassette and all the rest. Original window sticker. ALL maintenance and service records and receipts. Every dealer servicing. Every oil change. Every annual state inspection...all documenting the low miles year in and year out. Over 75 photos available showing every inch of this SAAB of a lifetime, inside, outside, underneath and under the hood. Clean!

If you're looking for an exceptional 900 to drive, this is unlike any other to be found. If you're looking for an exceptional 900 to collect, this has everything a classic car needs to win shows and to continue to increase exceptionally in value. FULL DOCUMENTATION!