Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I edit, upgrade or renew my ad? Log into your account, click on the "Current Listings" link in the left-hand column, and then on the "Manage This Listing" button for the appropriate ad. You can then select the appropriate "Edit", "Delete" or "Renew" button. Note: The "Upgrade" button is only visible for 15 days after placing the ad and the "Renew" button is only visible within 15 days of the expiration date.

  • Why can't I log into my account? The most likely cause is that you entered your Username and/or Password incorrectly. You must enter them exactly as you did during registration because they are CasE sEnSitiVE. If in doubt, return to the log in page and click on the "I forgot my password" link to receive an email with your log in credentials.

  • Why won't you allow ads from countries other than the United States and Canada? All ads are reviewed for authenticity and we do not have the resources to do so for other countries.

  • Where is my ad? All ads are published or rejected within 24 hours of placement. If you did not receive an email notification of acceptance your ad was probably rejected because: (1) A classified ad did not include a good quality photograph of the actual item (without enhancements or text). (2) The ad contained a URL, HTML code or promoted a business or service. (3) The ad came from outside the United States or Canada. (4) The ad was inappropriate for our web site. (5) We had a question about the ad or a problem with your email address and could not contact you by telephone.

  • Why won't your system accept my credit card? The name and address given with your purchase must match the information provided when you registered and what your bank has on file. You can verify and change the information given during registration by logging into your account and clicking on the "My personal info" link.

  • Why do you require my telephone number? We verify all questionable ads and solve email problems by telephone. It must therefore be included with your personal information and/or your ad. If you only put it with your personal information it will not be published. However, most Internet scams are perpetuated via email so we strongly suggest that you qualify potential customers by telephone.

  • How can I identify old parts? The best resource is the museum curator at the Antique Automobile Club of America (

  • How can I find the value of my vehicle? We have several free resources and professional appraisers listed in our Business Directory under "Appraisals".

  • How can I be sure that I am receiving all my email inquiries? All email inquiries submitted to our website are reviewed for spam and scams and the valid ones are forwarded to your email address and the email folder in your account. We review and forward the emails several times a day. The total number of emails will be shown under "Ad Stats" at the bottom of your ad page - and the number includes those that we deleted. Your emails will be available via the "Email Inquiries" link on your account page and/or your personal email software. You can respond via either source but we recommend you use your personal software to avoid further delays and confusion. You can test our system by sending yourself a "TEST" email from your ad page.
For additional help please contact our