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Buying a used vehicle makes good sense because once you drive a new car off of the showroom floor its value drops 20 percent. Just a few years ago it was thought that the typical life of a car was about 100,000 miles but no more. You can expect cars and trucks built in the 21st century to run closer to 200,000 miles before the need for major repairs.

However vehicles built in the 1970's or earlier present a different concern. Any vehicle that old is likely to have already had major repairs and might need more; so buying one calls for a discerning eye and perhaps some expertise. Finding a quality used car, appraising its true value, negotiating with the seller, acquiring financing and insurance, arranging for transportation and avoiding scams are all important steps that require special attention.

At Antique Car we feature a wide selection of old, used cars and trucks for sale. We specialize in cars and trucks from the Antique Car Era, Vintage Car Era and Classic Car Era, as well hot rods and muscle cars.